Current Projects

OTC Map Project

BIG DATA is not always the smart choice and may lead to investment confusion. Staying lean and being smart about how you collect OTC corporate data can be crucial with OTC investments and will ultimately help maximize your OTC investment opportunity and profitability.

Finding reliable, quality and easily disseminated corporate data is imperative in making a successful OTC investment. Start NOW! The OTC Exchange's Corporate Data Map provides an easily navigated, up to date snap shot of the companies listed in all ten categories of the OTC. read more

OTC Data Project

In the past, complete data set(s) on companies listed OTCQX, OTCQB, OTC Pink and OTC GREY/OTO tiered marketplaces have not been made available or the data was incomplete. You will soon be able to obtain a complete list of all or individual tiers. For your firms convenience you will also be able to purchase recurring data updates or if you choose, you may purchase a one time list for your business needs. Customized data request and pricing will handled on case by case basis. read more

Xtreme Weather Network

Weather enthusiast, trained meteorologist as well as Xtreme Weather Spotter's can track, view and interact with the Xtreme Weather map data in real time. With XW's easy map, weather radar and live storm report's coming from the National Weather Service you can follow storms like a pro. Even if you are not a trained Xtreme Storm Chaser, you feel like one.

Track extreme storm chaser's in real time on the Xtreme Weather Map. Choose a storm chaser close to the action as well as pick from several options to interact with them directly in the field, (View the chasers live video feed, Join the chasers live discussion and chat with other viewers, View the chasers social media sites, participate in the chasers XW Community page and much more.

View Live weather alerts, warnings and reports coming in from the field in real time. With a click of the button you can also view official alerts and warnings coming from the National Weather Service to XW map console. read more

Claire Magazine

Surfing the web for the latest online news can be tedious, find the latest news, see what news is trending and what news others are sharing to their social networks. We collect news from the top news sources so you don't have to. *(including Social Networks, Facebook and Twitter) We are adding new online comprehensive news sources every day, If you don't see a source you read and want it included - EASY! just drop us a line and we will get it up! read more


Millions of developers and individual site owners have deployed both the leaflet and GPSTracker applications independently. Now the ability to possess a pre-combined, easy to install, realtime tracking solution with the unbelievably versatile Leaflet mapping canvas is now a reality with MyGPSTracker. The MyGPSTracker solution offers several server side operating systems, database combinations and phone clients to serve your variable deployment needs. As developers we have put every consideration in ease of installation, versatility and speed of a successful deployment. read more