OTC Data Lab

How many times have you ask yourself, Where can I find a (Complete List) of OTC listed Companies and or OTC Vendors that includes the following?

  • OTC: QX,QB,BB,PINK,Grey Data
  • Symbol
  • OTC Trading Tier
  • Company Name
  • Comany Mailing Address
  • Contact Info: Email and Phone Number
  • Contact Persons

  • OTC Special Vendor Data
  • OTC Bad Legal & Accountants
  • OTC Broker Dealers
  • OTC Transfer Agents
  • OTC Legal Council
  • OTC Investment Banks
  • OTC Corporate Brokers
  • OTC Investment Relation Firms
  • OTC Accounting/Audit Firms
  • And More...

In the past, complete information on companies listed OTCQX, OTCQB, OTC Pink and OTC GREY/OTO tiered marketplaces have not been made available or the data was incomplete. You will soon be able to obtain a complete list of all or individual tiers. For your firms convience you will also be able to purchase recurring data updates or if you choose you may purchase a one time list for your business needs. Customized data and pricing will handled on case by case basis.

OTC Data - OTC Trading Tier % To Total Market {17,710 Companies}

8,304 Companies

8,025 Companies

934 Companies

447 Companies


Taking OTC Data To The Next Level

One of many OTC Lab data projects is showcased at our OTC V-roadmap (OTC Vendor Map) where we show how it is possible to deliver the outdated, stale, overwhelming OTC Vendor Data to our online viewers in a new a unique way. In a "repackage" with new mapping technologies, the data becomes interactive, fresh and much easier for a online user to decimate the information as well as it becomes possible for the viewer to find a service provider near their location to actually use. see more.